Wireless Zero Configuration

What Does Wireless Zero Configuration Mean?

Wireless Zero Configuration (WZC) is a feature in Windows XP and Windows Sever 2003 which dynamically attempted to connect to a network selected on the basis of user preferences and cookie settings. This utility automatically connected to office or home networks because of the networks’ frequent usage (hence added to the preferred network) by the computer.


Wireless Zero Configuration is also known as Wireless Auto Configuration and WLAN AutoConfig.

Techopedia Explains Wireless Zero Configuration

Wireless Zero Configuration managed and configured the wireless network connections on wireless adapters in Windows XP and Windows Server 2003. The Wireless Zero Configuration utility starts at boot time and can be stopped or started from a command prompt. The interface for this utility can only be opened only if the Wireless Zero Configuration service has been started. When Wireless Zero Configuration is running, the computer’s wireless adapter constantly searches for a network if preferred networks are out of range.

This service was replaced by the Wi-Fi API utility.


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