What Does Blogger Mean?

Blogger is a blog-publishing service created by Pyra Labs and owned by Google since 2003. Launched in 1999, Blogger was one of the first dedicated blog-publishing tools. Since it was acquired by Google, the Blogger platform has been integrated with other Google technologies such as Google Toolbar, Google Adsense and Google Docs. Blogger blogs are hosted by Google under the domain.


The term blogger may also be used more generally to refer to a person who maintains a weblog.

In 2011, Google announced its rebranding of Blogger as Google Blogs.

Techopedia Explains Blogger

Blogger began as a small startup in San Francisco. The company narrowly missed becoming a casualty in the dot-com bust, but by 2002 it had hundreds of thousands of users. This attracted Google’s interest, and the company purchased Blogger in 2003. This led to several major feature upgrades for Blogger, as well as the addition of Google technologies.

Until May 2010, Blogger users were able to publish blogs on other hosts via File Transfer Protocol (FTP). However, these blogs are all to be moved to Google’s servers. Users with domains other than will be allowed via custom URLs.


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