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What Does Cobweb Site Mean?

Cobweb site is a slang term that refers to a website that has not been updated for a long period of time despite still being accessible over the Internet. A website may become a cobweb site for a short period while the creator is pursuing other interests or it may be a truly forgotten part of the Web. Cobweb sites can actually become quite highly ranked in searches for timeless content, but searches for timely content usually have a freshness factor that filters out cobweb sites.


Techopedia Explains Cobweb Site

Unlike abandoned structures in the offline world, websites don’t actually collect dust, cobwebs and mice when they aren’t being maintained, so they can be tricky to spot. Basically, the rate at which a site becomes a cobweb site depends on how timely its viewers expect it to be. A site displaying daily sports scores may be considered a cobweb site within a week, whereas a site devoted to ancient Greek poetry may go years before viewers notice it hasn’t been updated. Common signs of a cobweb site are: A copyright date that is several years in the past A lack of content post dates within the current year 1990s design touches like animated GIFs, visible tables to create columns, a Netscape button, etc. Animated wallpaper


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