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What Does Facebook Mini-feed Mean?

The Facebook mini-feed is a now-defunct feature on Facebook that was introduced in 2006. The mini-feed appeared on a Facebook user's wall, showing what changes that user had recently made to his or her profile, such new friends, updates in relationship status and content posted. This information was also published to the user's friends' news feeds.

In 2008, the mini-feed was condensed into the Facebook wall feature so that all of the information about a user, updates and posts are presented on one feed on a user's home page.


Techopedia Explains Facebook Mini-feed

The introduction of the Facebook mini-feed was met with a sizable backlash from Facebook users. Although the addition of the mini-feed only pushed out content that was already available to a user's friends if they clicked on an individual profile, many users were uncomfortable with having their actions published to their Facebook friends in real time. Also, because 2007 represented a time of major growth for Facebook, many users had accumulated huge lists of "friends" they didn't know very well (or at all). When Facebook began updating users with what their friends were doing, many people assumed that they were getting information about random users on Facebook that they didn't know (and that their information was being shared the same way across Facebook). Users with a large number of friends also felt inundated by the number of updates they received.

However, in the months after the mini-feed was introduced, users began to accept it. Receiving real-time updates about Facebook friends has since become a critical part of the site's functionality and a major contributor to users' tendency to visit the site on a daily basis. According to Facebook statistics, more than half of all users do so.


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