Spam Blog (Splog)

Last updated: February 17, 2017

What Does Spam Blog (Splog) Mean?

A spam blog (splog) is a blog designed for the purposes of link spamming. Splogs usually sell links to other websites to increase the buyer's page rank or are set up by the websites themselves for the same purpose. Spam blogs often scrape their content from other websites and may be recognized by the unusual number of links they contain, all of which often point to a single site.

A spam blog should not be confused with "spam in blogs," which refers to comment spam. This is added by a blog's visitors, not by the blog's administrator.


Techopedia Explains Spam Blog (Splog)

Splogs can cause various problems, including clogging up search engines and artificially inflating the page rank of low-quality websites. This makes it more difficult for Web users to find pages that are helpful or interesting. Splogs also scrape content from other, legitimate websites, which often amounts to copyright infringement.

Spam bloggers make their money by creating pages they believe they can direct a lot of traffic toand hoping that those visitors click on the site's ads. Spammers drive traffic by gaming the search engines through bogus networks of interlinked sites known as link farms.


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