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What Does Video Blog Mean?

A video blog (vlog) is a blog done with the help of videos, unlike a text blog where information is shared using just text and static images. Like a text blog, however, video blogs are visible to all and may be shared, commented on and rated. Video blogs are more descriptive and interactive compared to other types of blogs and are considered best for tutorial blogs.


Video blogs are also known as video logs.

Techopedia Explains Video Blog

Video blogs can be self-hosted or can be hosted with the help of free services. Video blogs are capable of being shared in social media platforms and can also be integrated into websites. Compared to a text blog, it may be easier to get more views on a video, especially for users who prefer watching to reading. Videos can bring in visual effects and have a greater potential to go viral than text content.

Video blogs can be more personalized than text-based ones. This is because emotions can be depicted with a human face, and presentation skills can be fairly demonstrated. Video blogs are also good at providing quick information compared to other blog categories. They are preferred by businesses for marketing, as they can help pull in viewers and increase the conversion rates and sales.

There are certain disadvantages with video blogs, however. Unlike text blogs, video blogs consume a lot of bandwidth and storage space and, hence, are more costly. Creation of professional videos for video blogs requires more effort, editing and work.


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