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Web Log (Blog)

What Does Web Log (Blog) Mean?

A weblog (blog) is a website that contains a log or diary of information, specific topics or opinions. A blog author (blogger) links to stories or other websites with relevant and interesting information. These links are typically segregated according to the blog’s topic or subtopic and written in reverse chronological order, meaning that the most current links display at the top of the blog’s home page. Another major characteristic of blogs is the ease of use to post. Prior to blogs, you needed to understand HTML to produce a website or otherwise involve a back-end production team. Blogs opened up online publishing to the masses.


Techopedia Explains Web Log (Blog)

The terms web log (or weblog) and blog are not necessarily synonymous. Bloggers post fresh content related to their thoughts or opinions about specific or various topics, while Web loggers refer to information they find relevant and useful.

That said, the term is web log is dated and was more frequently used in the early days of the Web. Using the term “blog” is much more popular. To further complicate things, the importance of a blog was that it allowed publishing by non-technical users. In the modern Web, there are many content management systems that allow for easy publishing by non technical users. Given this, along with the rise of the professional blogger, the line has blurred between personal websites, blogs, and larger online publishers.


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