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Compact Disc Recordable

What Does Compact Disc Recordable Mean?

A compact disc recordable (CD-R) is a writable disc upon which a user can write
once and read many times. Once finalized, a CD-R disc cannot be formatted and data cannot
be deleted from it.


A compact disc recordable is also known as a compact disc – write once (CD-WO) or write once read many (WORM).

Techopedia Explains Compact Disc Recordable

The first CD-R was published by Sony and Philips in
1988. Data once written on the CD-R disc
cannot be deleted, and thus if data is not
written properly, it cannot be corrected. This is not to be confused with the compact disc rewritable (CD-RW), which can be altered after writing has been completed.

The CD-R
disc makes uses of a photosensitive organic dye to record information. CD-Rs
are made of a polycarbonate plastic substrate. A typical CD-R disc can store
650MB of data or 74 minutes of music.


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