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Drop-Down Menu

What Does Drop-Down Menu Mean?

A drop-down menu is a list of items that appear whenever a piece of text or a button is clicked. This
is a graphical approach presented to users from which they can choose a value
from the list presented.


A drop-down menu is also known as a pull-down
menu, pull-down list, drop-down list or drop-down box.

Techopedia Explains Drop-Down Menu

A drop-down menu is an easy option to display a range of choices. Initially, only one choice is displayed, such as “File,” “Edit” or “View.” When the user clicks on it, more choices within that category are presented. A drop-down list has two states: active and inactive. When the drop-down list is inactive, only one value is displayed. When the list is active, a set of options is presented. When the user chooses one value out of the list, the control is reverted to its inactive state wherein the selected value is displayed or enacted.

Drop-down lists are largely used to interact with graphical user interfaces.


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