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What Does Snippet Mean?

Code "snippets" are small, reusable pieces of code that can be integrated into a larger codebase. Developers often talk about snippets having certain functions and discuss how to implement snippets in constructing larger and more complicated programs.


Techopedia Explains Snippet

Snippets have many uses – some snippets in text editors or other software programs manage specific document-handling tasks. Some snippets can be built into programs like Visual Studio for reuse in any project that is going on inside that platform. Others talk about defining snippets and supporting them with things like data mockups.

The idea of snippets is that coders can build tiny functions or microservices that they can draw from later to automate or speed up some of the process of writing a larger codebase. Big programs often have complex and sometimes repetitive syntax and function, and using snippets can make a larger codebase more transparent and clear. One way to think about it is building with more defined code modules, rather than just building with raw code.


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