Source Code Control System

What Does Source Code Control System Mean?

Source Code Control System (SCCS) is a specific kind of revision control resource that’s aimed at changing source code in manageable ways. This program was developed in the 1970s for IBM systems and was later adapted for UNIX.


Techopedia Explains Source Code Control System

Revision control systems aim to facilitate software rewriting for successive versions. As a prominent source code control tool, Source Code Control System was popular until it was largely replaced by newer kinds of revision control resources. Experts point out that SCCS played a role in fixing year 2000 problems around the handling of the millennial change in various computer systems.

Elements of Source Code Control System are still seen in today’s revision control tools. One thing that this software is known for is an "sccsid" variable, which consists of a file name, date and a potential comment. This customized variable could be used to note various changes or versions of a software program or source code module.


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