What Does Tiger Mean?

Tiger was the codename for Apple’s OS X version 10.4, released in April 2005. The original release was Cheetah, version 10.1, with later releases named Puma, Jaguar and Panther (versions 10.2, 10.3 and 10.4, respectively). Tiger was the longest running version of OS 10, succeeded by Leopard in October 2007 (30 months later), which was the first version of OS 10 supplied on a DVD.


Techopedia Explains Tiger

Significant OS enhancements of Tiger over previous versions included:

  • Quick desktop search for files, images, messages and other data
  • 2-way audio and video conferencing
  • Streamlining of repetitive tasks
  • Voice interface for the visually impaired
  • Parental controls for the Internet
  • Dashboard widgets
  • Support for RFD (request for discussion) site summary or RSS (really simple syndication)

Tiger was provided to all new Mac users and provided as an upgrade to previous version users. Apple had sold 2 million copies of Tiger 6 weeks from its release date. Tiger served 16% of all Mac users. By June 11, 2007 there were 22 million users running Tiger.


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