What Does Infotainment Mean?

Infotainment is a type of media that tries to combine educational or useful information and entertaining content. Infotainment is designed to help promote the acquisition of specific information, skills or trades in a format that appeals to users. Infotainment usually refers to televised news content and is considered a disparaging term because it implies a contrast in quality and respectability between this type of content and true news.


Online contests, polls and infographics are considered forms of infotainment found on the Web.

Techopedia Explains Infotainment

Infotainment aims to make learning simpler and easier. Some would also say that it’s designed to draw a larger audience, perhaps as the expense of the message. Infotainment was initially conceived on television, where documentaries began to integrate an entertainment element such as background music, visual effects, humor, action or human interest content. Infotainment may also be used by professionals and business workers who include entertaining elements in business presentations, videos or demonstrations to make them more fun for the audience.


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