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Remote User

What Does Remote User Mean?

A remote user is a user who is operating a hardware device or accessing software from an off-site location. IT professionals might also use this term to refer to someone accessing data through various virtual computing models.


Techopedia Explains Remote User

Networks have been able to accomodate remote users for quite some time, although brand-new technologies are increasing the commonality of remote user situations. As the Internet developed, tech products and services developed to allow remote servers to send data over Internet Protocol resulting in a lot more remote users. Systems like network virtualization, which replaces physical networking structures with a collection of remote endpoints, are prime tools for allowing even more remote access to hardware and software systems.

In today’s tech world, the idea of a remote user is somewhat mundane, although users still have to find specific technologies that will enable them to get remote access to a given system. The proliferation of smartphones and other mobile computing devices has increased demand for remote access to various networks and systems, and has also increased the functionality available to the average person.


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