Text Alignment

What Does Text Alignment Mean?

Text alignment is a word processing software feature that allows users to horizontally align text on a page/document.


It enables the composition of a text document using different text positioning on the whole or selected part of a page.

Techopedia Explains Text Alignment

Text alignment primarily places the cursor or aligns the text with the different margins of the document. There are four different types of text alignment features, including:

  • Right alignment: This starts each new line of the document on the right-most margin of the page.
  • Left alignment: As the default alignment in most word processing software, it starts each line on the left-most margin.
  • Center alignment: This positions and starts each new line/text block in the center/middle margin on the page.
  • Justified alignment: This aligns text with right and left margins and tries to fill as much empty space as possible. It enables a straight margin on both of the page’s horizontal edges.

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