What Does CGI-Bin Mean?

A CGI-bin is a folder used to house scripts that will interact with a Web browser to provide functionality for a Web page or website. Common Gateway Interface (CGI) is a resource for accommodating the use of scripts in Web design. As scripts are sent from a server to a Web browser, the CGI-bin is often referenced in a url.


Techopedia Explains CGI-Bin

There is some debate as to whether CGI is obsolete because this functionality can also be provided by using JavaScript and new Web programming tools like PHP. While some aspects of Web design are moving away from the use of CGI and the CGI-bin, some designers still like to use this kind of system to add dynamic features to a Web page. Still, there are some drawbacks to using a CGI approach related to the individual commands needed to load scripts. There can also be issues with browsers timing out as a result of faulty script.


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