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What Does Digerati Mean?

Digerati is a term used to refer to the “digital elite,” or those who are extremely knowledgeable about computers. The term is often used to refer to the major names in the computer industry. Digerati is a combination of “digital” and “erati,” and is the tech world’s equivalent to “literati,” which refers to scholars and intellectuals.


This term is synonymous to technorati and geekerati.

Techopedia Explains Digerati

The term digerati is believed to have originated in a 1992 New York Times article by John Markoff called “Pools of Memory, Waves of Dispute.” It was coined by the publication’s editor, Tim Race.

The term “literati” carries a connotation of class and this also applies to digerati. Digerati leaders in the tech industry, computer scientists, well-known bloggers and anyone who has influence in the tech world.


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