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Committed Information Rate

What Does Committed Information Rate Mean?

In frame relay networks, the committed information rate
(CIR) is the bandwidth that is allocated to a logical connection in a permanent
virtual circuit (PVC). The bandwidth is guaranteed by the provider even if
other customers are sharing the same physical connection over frame relay. The
bandwidth is expressed in kilobits per second.


Techopedia Explains Committed Information Rate

With frame relay networks, multiple customers can share the
same physical wires using virtual circuits. Since different customers have
different bandwidth needs, providers can designate faster connections to those
who need them with a committed information rate. A streaming video
provider running a content delivery network needs more throughput than a
customer primarily sending text data, for example. Under a CIR, a customer is guaranteed a certain bandwidth under a service level agreement. Frame relay
connections are also usually burstable with an excess information rate (EIR) or
peak information rate (PIR).


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