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What Does C++ Software Engineer Mean?

A C++ software engineer is an IT professional who has expert knowledge in C++ language, which is often used in conjunction with UNIX, Linux, Java and Ruby, among others. C++ software engineers are adept at developing, designing and evaluating computer programs that are high level and very technical in their design. C++ software engineers may also use SQL, Apache and Windows. In a business setting, this type of engineer may hold a program management type of position and assist with business requirement identifications as they relate to C++ software as well as head up product design specifications using object-oriented specifications. A C++ software engineer may also provide technical support to staff, test their developments and designs, or work on a consultant basis.


Techopedia Explains C++ Software Engineer

C++ software engineers are very much sought after not only in the corporate business world but in the technical gaming design arena as well. C++ software engineers are especially valuable if they have at least five years of experience with cross-platform applications such as C/C++ (UNIX/Linux). Coupled with that, a four-year degree in computer science, mathematics, engineering or physics can make a C++ software engineer worth his or her weight in gold. To propel an IT career even further, C++ certifications, as well as Construx, Microsoft, etc., can be obtained to add extra panache when submitting a resume to any human resource department looking to hire the most qualified C++ software engineer.

The expected job growth for C++ software engineers between the years 2008 and 2018 has been estimated at 11 percent. Experienced C++ engineers or those with Ph.D.s can easily earn six figures. Besides business applications, systems, and gaming, C++ software engineers also work in the fields of network control systems and operating systems. Memory management issues are also top priority for many C++ software engineers.


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