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What Does Cisco Certified Network Associate Mean?

The Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) certification is the second level of Cisco’s five-level career certification process. A CCNA certification certifies a technician’s ability to install, set up, configure, troubleshoot and operate a medium-sized routed and switched computer network. This also includes implementing and verifying connections to a wide area network (WAN).


Techopedia Explains Cisco Certified Network Associate

A CCNA three-year certification is obtained by passing Cisco Exam No.640-802 or by taking two other exams with passing scores: ICND1 No.640-822 and ICND2 No.640-816.

Subjects in the curriculum include the use of frame relay, Routing Information Protocol (Version 2), Internet Protocol, Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol, virtual local area networks, access control lists and Ethernet.

All CCNA-certified individuals specialize in one of seven technology paths:

  • Routing and switching
  • Design
  • Network security
  • Service provider
  • Storage networking
  • Voice
  • Wireless.

Colleges and universities that offer Cisco training are considered member of the Cisco Networking Academy. All specialist certifications are valid for two years. Recertification requires taking a higher-level exam or retaking the previous exam, as determined by Cisco.


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