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What Does Annoybot Mean?

An annoybot is a piece of software designed to perform a repetitive and automated computing task. This task can also be performed on command within an Internet Relay Chat (IRC) channel. An annoybot typically joins a certain channel, reproduces itself and then inundates the channel with annoying text. These messages are non-essential for users and are by their very nature irritating and annoying to online participants. The term "bot" is derived from robot.


Techopedia Explains Annoybot

KissServ is an example of an annoybot; its function is only to send cute messages to others. IRC users do not initiate annoybots such as KissServ, nor do these bots hold any particular meaning for users. Annoybots typically serve one purpose: to cause annoyance by their repetitive nature. Annoybots can also initiate reactive-type behavior from users who attempt to eliminate them. However, if annoybots are eliminated from a channel they may actually replenish themselves in greater numbers.

Bots, by their very nature, are designed to perform automated tasks that aim to replace human initiation. Nonetheless, bots are created by humans who can design them to perform any task they want. Annoybots typically don't cause real computer or network damage, but they do cause recipients to become very frustrated. Annoybots most commonly evolve in IRC discussion settings.


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