End User

What Does End User Mean?

An end user is the human individual that uses any computing-enabled device or appliance. This is a broad term but it has slightly different meanings in the context of software, hardware, handheld, Internet or other computing solutions. It is an important consideration for manufacturers, which must consider their technology from the viewpoint of those who will be using it.


Techopedia Explains End User

An end user is the individual who will ultimately be using an IT product or service. Understanding and evaluating end users is particularly important for hardware and software vendors, as well as other IT solutions/services firms when it comes to designing and shaping their products/services to fit users’ needs. An end user is generally assumed to have limited capabilities, thus distinguishing them from pro users or power users. For example, end users for data entry software will be data entry staff, whereas the software administrators would be considered power users.


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