What Does BibTeX Mean?

BibTeX is a reference management program that makes it easy for users of TeX and LaTeX to generate bibliographies for books and journal articles. When possible, it is usually stylized in the TeX font the way TeX and LaTeX are. LaTeX was first created in 1985 by Leslie Lamport and Oren Patashnik.


Techopedia Explains BibTeX

BibTeX is a program for formatting reference lists for scholarly works such as books or scientific journal articles. Users create lists with information such as the title of a book or article and the publisher, year of publication and other relevant information using a markup language. BibTeX outputs a TeX file which can then be used by a typesetter or output to a Postscript or PDF file. TeX and LaTeX are already widely used by many academic journals for typesetting.

BibTeX was created by LaTeX creator Leslie Lamport and Oren Patashnik in 1985. As with LaTeX, users can create bibliographies without having to know all the underlying TeX commands.


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