BitTorrent Client

What Does BitTorrent Client Mean?

BitTorrent Client is a desktop application that initiates, truncates and manages the downloading and uploading of data using BitTorrent file-sharing protocol.


BitTorrent Client is a software utility tool that supports the operation and execution of BitTorrent network protocol on a local machine and is supported by most operating systems.

Techopedia Explains BitTorrent Client

BitTorrent Client is primarily designed to enable peer-to-peer communication services through the BitTorrent protocol for sharing, downloading and seeding data to a group of globally connected peers powered by the same protocol.

BitTorrent client tools work by enabling a local user to find desired torrents and downloading torrents that relate to a file or data. BitTorrent client connects with the central server through the underlying protocol, which in turn activates all the peers or trackers who have part of or the complete torrent file. Upon successful authorization and connection, BitTorrent client initiates the fetching of data from the remote peers to the local machine and reconstructs the file to its original state after downloading.


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