Web Log Client

What Does Web Log Client Mean?

A Web log client (blog client) is external client software that is used to update blog content through an interface other than the typical Web-based version provided by blog software. Third-party developers create blog clients to provide bloggers with desktop or mobile interfaces for blog posting.


Blog clients also provide additional features and capabilities, such as offline blog posting, a nicer interface, better formatting and cross-posting of content to multiple blogs.

Techopedia Explains Web Log Client

Most blogging platforms use a “what you see is what you get” (WYSIWYG) editing platform, which is often slow and hard to manage. The blog client concept is based on using remote authoring application programming interfaces (APIs) to create and edit blog pages. These APIs are designed to provide better and more user-friendly interface features. Commonly used APIs include MetaWeblog API, Atom Publishing Protocol, MT’s publishing API and Blogger API.

Many popular blogging clients that work with various common APIs can be downloaded for free.


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