What Does Humanware Mean?

Humanware is defined in IT as hardware or software that is
built around user capabilities and user needs. This often involves creating a
particular visual or physical interface for a given set of users. The design
and engineering of humanware starts with the user’s interests and needs first,
and designs the infrastructure accordingly.


Techopedia Explains Humanware

The philosophy behind humanware is that instead of starting with
an implementation goal, the software or IT architecture design process starts
with an understanding of what users will need. For example, in a traditional
desktop system, humanware might involve changing the visual interface to make
it more accessible to those with low computer literacy. Another excellent and
very common example is the designing of hardware systems for persons with
disabilities. Here, the design work starts with the basics of what disabled
individuals need from a system – whether it be elevated height of
operation, features for the visually impaired, alternatives to conventional
mouse and keyboard input, or other changes.


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