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Broadband Wireless Access (Wibro)

Last updated: October 9, 2014

What Does Broadband Wireless Access (Wibro) Mean?

Broadband wireless access (Wireless broadband, or WiBro) refers to inherent network mobility in a geographical area and managed mobility between fixed networks. Broadband wireless access facilitates and ensures mobile device connectivity and communication.

Broadband wireless access is also known as wireless local loop (WLL), fixed-radio access (FRA), fixed wireless access (FWA), radio in the loop (RITL) and metro wireless (MW).


Techopedia Explains Broadband Wireless Access (Wibro)

Broadband wireless access ensures full signal coverage and functions, including registration, routing, forwarding, and intersystem communication. Connected wireless terminals or base stations that remain in the same antenna beam have transport capability.

Managed mobility is nonexistent in fixed wireless networks. Thus, there are issues with registration, call routing, call forwarding, and intersystem communication.



Wireless Local Loop (WLL), Fixed-Radio Access (FRA), Fixed Wireless Access (FWA), Radio in the Loop (RITL), Metro Wireless (MW)

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