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What Does Koobface Mean?

Koobface is a computer worm that targets users through social media. Platforms that it attacks include Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. It is classified as a bot, which means it can connect to command and control servers. Once Koobface has control of a host (which is in turn referred to as a “zombie host”) it can harvest all sorts of personal information, significantly compromising data and security.


Techopedia Explains Koobface

Koobface first appeared on social media in 2008. It typically posts a link to what appears to be a video on social media, but when the external link is opened there is a false Flash update prompt, which instead introduces Koobface into the system.

Common names for the worm’s process that may show up in the infected system’s activity/process monitor are:

  • Fbtre6.exe
  • Mstre6.exe
  • Freddy35.exe
  • Websrvx.exe
  • Captcha6.exe
  • Bolivar28.exe
  • Ld12.exe

The name “Koobface” is an anagram of “Facebook,” since it proliferates through social media.


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