Loose Coupling

Last updated: May 12, 2017

What Does Loose Coupling Mean?

Loose coupling describes a coupling technique in which two or more hardware and software components are attached or linked together to provide two services that are not dependent on one another. This term is used to describe the degree and intent of interconnected but non-dependent components within an information system.

Loose coupling is also known as low or weak coupling.


Techopedia Explains Loose Coupling

Loose coupling is primarily used in enterprise networks and systems to reduce the amount and intensity of risk found in highly dependent systems. A system with multiple components is less likely to have performance issues when those components are loosely coupled.

For example, in a client/server computing architecture, discounnecting the client from the server will result in the unavailability of some functions, but the client will still be able to work independently of the server.



Weak Coupling, Low Coupling

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