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Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer

What Does Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer Mean?

Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) is an IT professional who is certified in Microsoft Windows NT and 2000 operating systems (OS), Microsoft BackOffice Server products, networking and related desktop computer systems. In the IT industry, the MCSE certification serves as proof that an individual has the abilities, skills and knowledge required to administer certain IT roles.


MCSE is also known as Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA).

Techopedia Explains Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer

The MCSE certification is one of many Microsoft certifications that may be obtained by passing a set of exams designed to test proficiency on a combination of complementary Microsoft products.

Other Microsoft certifications include the following:

  • Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA): Serves as a foundation for higher certifications that actually replace the MCSE certification under the Windows NT and 2000 path
  • Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD): Required for developers and considered the highest certification level
  • Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS): Required for specific technologies

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