Network Support Engineer

What Does Network Support Engineer Mean?

A network support engineer is generally called upon to evaluate and maintain the integrity of an existing network. The network support engineer role usually involves a set of core standards for an operating network.


These professionals are also known as network architects.

Techopedia Explains Network Support Engineer

Various certification providers offer credentialing options for a network support engineer. For its part, tech giant Cisco maintains a Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) certification that covers a larger umbrella of network professionals engaged in handling network support roles. Like the CCNP, many of these certifications are built on a foundation of prerequisites, where a network professional completes subsequent training courses and builds real-world experience over time.

In practical job roles, a network support engineer may need to fulfill different kinds of support duties that may be either people-centered or technology-centered in nature. Some network support engineers need to be good trainers to get other staffers trained in network support. These duties may go along with handling software and hardware for network systems and day-to-day administration or tech support for a department.


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