Last updated: February 18, 2013

What Does ColdFusion Mean?

ColdFusion is a web-development suite that used for developing scalable e-business applications.

ColdFusion is really a suite of tightly integrated products, rather than a single product. It consists of two main parts: ColdFusion Studio, which is used to build a site and consists of the visual programming tools, database portion, and debugging tools. The second component is ColdFusion Server, which offers the runtime services for serving pages to users.


Techopedia Explains ColdFusion

One of ColdFusion’s most important features is its ability to build websites as individual pieces that can be stored in its internal database, then reassembled to form webpages, e-newsletters, and so on. The software offers users the flexibility to either build the parts, or to build webpages directly.

For example, a hospital’s website that uses ColdFusion may have a user-friendly frontend interface through which a doctor may enter a patient’s diagnosis, time of admittance, medicines/ treatments issued and so on. The site’s ColdFusion backend will then create a searchable webpage based on the data entered, and link it to, say, the rest of the week’s entries from the same doctor. All this will happen with neither the doctor having any knowledge of how to create html webpages, nor the intervention of web developers having to create each and every webpage.

ColdFusion utilizes its own language called CFML (ColdFusion Markup Language), which for ease of learning also encompasses the universal HTML (HyperText Markup Language) and XML (Extensible Markup Language) markup languages.


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