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What Does Computational Science Mean?

Computational science is the application of computer science and software engineering principles to solving scientific problems. It involves the use of computing hardware, networking, algorithms, programming, databases and other domain-specific knowledge to design simulations of physical phenomena to run on computers. Computational science crosses disciplines and can even involve the humanities.


Techopedia Explains Computational Science

While scientists have been using computers in their research since they were invented, the increasing power of new hardware in recent years has made it possible to create simulations of complexity that have been previously unimaginable, such as particle physics. Computational science is the harnessing of knowledge of hardware, algorithms and other scientific knowledge to simulate the physical world on powerful supercomputers.

Computational science is multidisciplinary, involving scholars in the physical sciences, computer scientists, software engineers, even people in the arts and humanities. Techniques usually involve numerical simulations.


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