What Does CONFIG.SYS Mean?

CONFIG.SYS is a configuration file on DOS systems. It is a text file that contains the settings and commands to load drives in a DOS system. This is a primary configuration file for OS/2 and DOS OS. This file was introduced in DOS and is replaced for 32-bit Windows versions with CONFIG.NT.


Techopedia Explains CONFIG.SYS

The CONFIG.SYS file is read every time a DOS system is booted. The system then reads that file and executes the command following it. Users can easily make changes as per their requirements by simply saving changes in the CONFIG.SYS file. Since it is a text file, it can be edited it in any editing program. This file is located in the root directory of the drive; this is the same location from where system is booted.

The most common commands in the CONFIG.SYS file include:

  • BUFFERS= This command is used to specify the buffer size.
  • FILES= This command is used to determine the number of files that a user can open simultaneously.

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