Oracle Certified Professional

What Does Oracle Certified Professional Mean?

An Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) is an individual that has successfully completed certification programs offered by Oracle. In the five tiers of Oracle certification, an Oracle Certified Professional is the second level, above an Oracle Certified Associate (OCA), but below an Oracle Certified Master (OCM).


Techopedia Explains Oracle Certified Professional

The Oracle Certified Professional credential can be obtained from different courses and certification paths available from Oracle. The OCP can have an emphasis on different types and configurations of Oracle equipment. The certification is a successor certification level to Oracle Certified Associate (the entry level certification plan). Most certification programs require the candidate to pass one or more certification exams. The OCP certification track enables candidates to certify themselves for positions such as:

  • Database developers
  • Administrators
  • Consultants
  • Solaris administrators
  • Java programmers

The OCP credential is used as one of the means to qualify and hire candidates for Oracle-specific jobs.


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