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What Does Cross-Post Mean?

The practice of cross-posting involves posting a single message or piece of content to multiple destinations. This can be to different threads or subsections of a common platform, or two different platforms. Cross-posting brings a single message to a wider audience by diversifying where that message is placed.


A cross-post is also known as a cross-page post.

Techopedia Explains Cross-Post

Some technologies allow for cross-platform cross-posting. For example, an app might allow users to pose a message simultaneously on a proprietary site, and also on Facebook, Twitter or Craigslist. It is relatively easy to set up software with APIs that allow for cross-posting.

However, the practice has generated a wider discussion about the benefits and drawbacks of cross-posting. On one hand, as mentioned, that message makes its way to a larger audience. On the other hand, some argue that cross-posting tends to “devalue” a message in some ways – if it is all over the place, it is no longer unique or essential to a particular platform thread. Think of each individual message posted on social media as an opener to a conversation – if the exact same opener is seen in multiple places, there may be less of a chance for people to develop a conversation around it – they may ignore it, thinking that it is a kind of generic or automated message, rather than taking it as an individual instance of an online interaction.


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