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What Does Cyberterrorism Mean?

Cyberterrorism is defined by U.S. Federal Bureau of
Investigation as a premeditated attack against a computer system, computer data,
programs and other information with the sole aim of violence against
clandestine agents and subnational groups. The main aim behind cyberterrorism
is to cause harm and destruction.


Techopedia Explains Cyberterrorism

Cyberterrorism can be explained as internet terrorism. With the advent of the internet, individuals and groups are misusing the anonymity to threaten individuals, certain groups, religions, ethnicities or beliefs. Cyberterrorism can be broadly categorized under three major categories:

  • Simple: This consists of basic attacks including the hacking of an individual system.
  • Advanced: These are more sophisticated attacks and can involve hacking multiple systems and/or networks.
  • Complex: These are coordinated attacks that can have a large-scale impact and make use of sophisticated tools.

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