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Digital To Analog Conversion

What Does Digital To Analog Conversion Mean?

Digital to analog conversion (D/A) is a process of changing a digital signal (in the form of zeros and ones or highs or lows) to an analog form signal (one with infinitely many levels and states). An electronic device used for his purpose is known as a digital to analog converter or DAC. DAC converts a signal from digital to analog form.


Techopedia Explains Digital To Analog Conversion

The technique of converting a signal, which can be current, voltage, electric charge, or any other type of electronic signal, in digital form has a limited number of levels or stages into infinitely many levels and stages (analog) form is called digital to analog conversion. The process involves the use of hardware as well as software for successful execution. Converting a signal from digital to analog can result in degradation of the signal, which can be minimized by using good quality hardware and efficient algorithms. Moreover, the DAC are usually available in the form of integrated circuits (ICs). The resolution of a DAC depends on the type of circuit and architecture it is needed for.


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