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Project Administrator

What Does Project Administrator Mean?

A project administrator is a professional who organizes the necessary team members and specializes in facilitating, reporting and analyzing projects under the supervision of a project manager. This position requires great responsibility and proper time management because the job entails constant monitoring and control of all project variables. The project administrator’s role is not only to ensure that the project is finished on time and on budget, but also may involve acquiring more contracts.


Techopedia Explains Project Administrator

Being a project administrator requires strong executive administrative skills, as well as experience in finance budgeting and reporting. Here are some duties and responsibilities required of a project administrator:

  • Planning the financial budget necessary for the project
  • Coordinating with team members frequently for updates regarding the work in progress
  • Monitoring the progress of the project and acknowledging team suggestions
  • Supervising the team members and ensuring that guidelines are met
  • Initiating the project or contract and working until the project is completed
  • Discussing updates with senior officials and the client

If all of this sounds like a project manager, it is because depending on the organization, project administrator is just another name for project manager. In other companies, the project administrator is more of an assistant who does most of the work for the project manager on the staff level, allowing the project manager to spend his time communicating with higher level managers and other stakeholders regarding the project.


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