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Dancing Baloney

What Does Dancing Baloney Mean?

Dancing baloney is a technology slang term that refers to the use of small animated objects on a Web page. Most commonly, these animated objects are animated GIFs, a type of multiframe animation embedded in HTML, or similar small video widgets added to the page layout.


Techopedia Explains Dancing Baloney

One of the problems with dancing baloney is that the addition of these objects can make a website look jumbled and disordered. People might talk about “cornea gumbo” or use other terms to talk about how the website looks too crowded and confuses the user’s eye. Another problem with dancing baloney is that it can make a Web page seem dated. The use of animated GIFs proliferated in the 1990s (as in the infamous “dancing hamsters” site that was virtually wall-to-wall GIFs), and these days, they are not typically used on most websites. In some cases, websites considered to contain dancing baloney are really retro websites or sites that point back to the technology of 20 years ago.


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