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Project Analyst

What Does Project Analyst Mean?

A project analyst is an individual that analyzes, reviews and documents the requrements of a project throughout its lifecycle. He or she helps the entire project team complete the project within its planned scope, schedule and budget, while serving as a liaison for the project’s technical, functional and non-functional teams.


Techopedia Explains Project Analyst

Although a project analyst’s job roles vary by organization and project setting, the primary responsibilities are performing, analyzing and providing project analysis and support to the entire project team. A project analyst is generally a junior/mid-level position that works with or directly reports to the project manager. The project analyst level includes few tasks requiring critical decision making skills.

Project analyst job responsibilities include:

  • Creating, managing and disbursing reports related to the project
  • Maintaining project assets, communications and related database(s)
  • Evaluating and monitoring the overall project
  • Reviewing and reporting the project’s budget and finances
  • Routinely performing complete or component analysis
  • Notifying the entire project team about abnormalities or variances

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