Project Control Officer

What Does Project Control Officer Mean?

A project control officer is a professional who helps to delegate IT processes and manage information technology projects. This role typically acts as a mid-level coordinator underneath senior staff and senior project managers.


Techopedia Explains Project Control Officer

A project control officer will typically provide a management layer for making sure that IT professionals have clear roles in individual projects. The duties of a project control officer may also include budgetary and risk management components.

Since one of the major roles of a project control officer is working directly with project managers, some companies ask that these professionals use a diplomatic approach to work as an effective liaison between different levels of management. Project control officers may execute deliverables, handle issues of confidentiality, prioritize workloads, work on change orders or present documentation. Through all of these tasks and others, a project control officer coordinates multiple elements of projects to make sure they’re done effectively and efficiently.

Qualifications for project control officers include a degree in computer science or a similar kind of degree, as well as various computer skills and experience with different software packages. Presentation skills are often handy and an MBA can be an asset. Companies may also ask for procurement or contract experience, vendor management experience, or other kinds of skills and experience that are relevant to a particular project or work environment.


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