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Project Director

What Does Project Director Mean?

A project director is a project management role in which an individual strategically oversees, monitors and manages an IT project from an executive level. As the most responsible authority over a project, this individual is charged with managing IT team members and allocated resources.


Techopedia Explains Project Director

A project director leads a team of one or more project managers (PM) and various software developers, Web developers, graphic designers, testers, network engineers and other staff essential to a project. A key job responsibility is completing an IT project on schedule and within budget while working within the project’s scope of work (SOW) or function specification document (FSD).

A project director has the authority to make key decisions, adjust budgets and add resources and related project governance processes. A project director receives regular reports from the project manager and/or team leads. Also, he or she reports directly to senior management, such as a vice president (VP), chief technology officer (CTO) and/or company president.

In addition, a project director often manages multiple projects simultaneously.


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