Database Front End

What Does Database Front End Mean?

A database front end refers to the user interface or application that enables accessing tabular, structured or raw data stored within it. The front end holds the entire application programming utility for data, requests input and sends it to the database back-end.


Techopedia Explains Database Front End

The primary objective of a database front-end is to provide an interface to fetch, store and display data stored within the database. A database front-end typically works independently of its back-end. The database front-end and back-end are usually connected with each other through an application program interface (API) or are configured for direct access. The two applications can be of different vendors or software platforms. For example, Microsoft Access can serve as a front-end that is connected to a back-end created in Microsoft SQL Server or a similar software. This enables the database’s owner to change the front-end without needing to change the back-end or its content.


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