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What Does Daughterboard Mean?

A daughterboard is type of circuit board that plugs in or is attached to the motherboard or similar expansion card to extend its features and services. A daughterboard complements the existing functionality of a motherboard or an expansion card.

A daughterboard is also known as daughter card, piggyback board, riser card or mezzanine board.


Techopedia Explains Daughterboard

A daughterboard is connected directly to the motherboard. Unlike expansion cards, which connect with the motherboard using bus and other serial interfaces, daughterboards are usually directly embedded through soldering. Like a motherboard, a daughterboard has sockets, pins, plugs and connectors to be attached to other boards. Typically, daughterboards are released as a post-launch update to a motherboard or expansion card. For example, a MIDI daughterboard is used to add on the functionality of the sound card.



Daughtercard, Piggyback Board, Riser Card, Mezzanine Board

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