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Digital Whiteboard

What Does Digital Whiteboard Mean?

A digital whiteboard is a two-dimensional display space utilizing digital design. In contrast to traditional whiteboards, where physical media like markers are used to construct content, digital whiteboards typically involve a stylus or other tool for users to create digital writing, drawings or designs.


Digital whiteboards are also known as electronic whiteboards.

Techopedia Explains Digital Whiteboard

Digital whiteboards and other kinds of digital display tools have advanced along with the touchscreen interface, which now helps users to navigate the operating systems of smartphones and other devices. One benefit of digital whiteboards is the elimination of physical media, but a much bigger benefit is that the digital whiteboards can be linked to other remote display screens, to provide interactive displays across many different physical locations. Digital whiteboards can be a useful component of technologies like video conferencing, education technology, collaborative meeting software and more.


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