Directory Server Agent

What Does Directory Server Agent Mean?

A directory server agent (DSA) is type of software agent that accesses and manages the authentication, connections and services within an X.500 communication network or environment. It is used in the X.500 messaging system to manage and control all connected directory user agents (DUA) and directory client agents (DCA) with the X.500 directory services.


Techopedia Explains Directory Server Agent

A directory server agent is primarily used in directory services environments to manage users and connections to the directory services. It helps in establishing connections and managing users within directory services. Typically, DCA and DUA connect and authenticate themselves on the DSA before they can use any of the directory services. For each new connection request, the DSA looks up the recipient (DCA /DUA) identity/address within a directory information base (DIB). Once authenticated, DSA allows the connecting node to access directory objects and services.


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