Desktop Video Conferencing

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What Does Desktop Video Conferencing Mean?

Desktop video conferencing resembles traditional video
teleconferencing, except that all the hardware and software required
for the video conferencing are installed on a desktop computer. Thus, desktop
video conferencing does not require meeting rooms with monitors and video
cameras, but desktop systems equipped with a video conferencing package serve the


Techopedia Explains Desktop Video Conferencing

Desktop video conferencing enables professionals and individuals to attend meetings on short notice or to get in touch with stakeholders within a short span of time. This helps by saving both time and money as opposed to traditional boardroom meetings.

Today the desktops used for desktop video conferencing come with features such as touch screen control, multi-conference options and other tools. The collaborative tools that the desktops meant for video conferencing are often equipped with enable users to add notes and on-screen markup.


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