RedBrowser Trojan

What Does RedBrowser Trojan Mean?

A RedBrowser Trojan is a type of Trojan horse that infects cell phones and mobile devices running Java 2 Micro Edition (J2ME). It is a real Java program known as RedBrowser, which claims that it is a Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) browser that allows users to view WAP page contents via free SMS messages.


A RedBrowser Trojan actually sends Short Message Service (SMS) messages to premium-rate Russian numbers, which can result in financial loss for the user. RedBrowser also may exploit a user’s personal information and other financial details.

A RedBrowser Trojan is also known as RedBrowser and RedBrowser.a.

Techopedia Explains RedBrowser Trojan

RedBrowser tricks a user into giving the program permission to use a phone’s Java SMS capabilities. However, unlike custom Trojans that infect PCs, RedBrowser is a legitimate, stand-alone Java program and is installed like any other mobile program.

RedBrowser spreads via Internet download, Bluetooth sharing or PC. However, it does not infect a device automatically because to run, user permission is required. As a result, RedBrowser is classified as a low-threat Trojan. In addition, the fact that it is a real program makes it easy to remove using standard program removal tools.

RedBrowser only infects devices running J2ME, making its coverage fairly low. While the majority of older cell phone models run J2ME, most new phones use third generation (3G) wireless, versus WAP, to connect to the Internet. Smartphones use non-J2ME mobile operating systems, like Android and iOS.


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