Fat Server

What Does Fat Server Mean?

A fat server is a type of server that provides most of the functionality to a client’s machine within client/server computing architecture. It is like a standard core server that hosts and provides key network based applications, storage, processing, Internet access and other services.


Techopedia Explains Fat Server

A fat server is the core component within client / server network architecture. Typically, a fat server is installed and configured with the key applications and processes. In most scenarios, the client machines in a fat server based client / server environment are thin clients. That is, they have very limited processing capabilities and largely rely on the fat server. All clients’ machines within the network interact and access server resources using remote procedural calls. An end-user can access the fat server resource directly through GUI based control panel.

A fat server is easier to manage than a thin server, as most business and application logic is deployed on the server.


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